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farm food is just prettier

Spring has sprung!

This week we celebrated Ostara (the Vernal Equinox). Granted we celebrated it a couple of days after the actual celestial event, but the kids had begun the week with a head cold that threw off my game (or that’s the excuse I’m claiming anyway). Also, we had a field trip scheduled for Friday and spending Ostara on a farm seemed like a really lovely way to celebrate Spring.


This farm is right in the middle of the city, about five minutes north of our home, on a plot of land surrounding a historic Victorian house that once belonged to the WalMart family. Like. I do not have any clue why they picked National City (widely considered to be ghetto as hell) to live in (we did not even have WalMart stores here at the time), but there you have it. Since I am obsessed with am interested in local history, I have long wanted a chance to tour this house. Which we didn’t exactly get to do. We did get in the kitchen and we got to wander the grounds. Which was pretty darn cool anyway.

i want to live at there

it's a hard life

The kids learned about how to start a garden (mulch, soil, etc), how to prepare food (Elliott peeled garlic and cooked eggs), and all about composting. It was an excellent field trip.

hard labor

making the kids work for their meal

and then my son learned to make eggs

The day before our celebration, we invited some friends over and dyed eggs.

i sort eggs into rainbows. i may have issues.

How goth kids celebrate Spring:

how goths do easter

And, yes, they traumatized me with glitter. I seem to have survived.

and then the kids forced me to use glitter

Other stuff that happened in photos is below.

Very sprouty apples:

Elliott created (another) Lego game:
elliott's lego game

Trip to the library (blurry photo is ART):
Maybe I'll become a librarian.

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a traditional Irish/Cornish feast. You know. How you do:
Pork pasty and cabbage.


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We visited the Fire Department’s open house again today. The kids tried on uniforms and had a hose-dragging race, climbed in a fire truck, toured a van designed to teach you about fire safety (where they learned about hazards, how to use a fire extinguisher, and what a smoky room feels like), toured the firehouse, watched them fire a hose from a tall ladder, made wooden fireboats via the Home Depot, and took a ride on a pretend firetruck. It was a pretty great day with lots learned.

firehose races

and then we sat in a smoky room and elliott wasn't pleased and clearly i was scary

margie making a fireboat

that doesn't look as effective as you think it should

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Originally I had hoped to try a new trail, but Margie has a mild cough and we got a very late start so we stuck to the short version of a trail we’d already done before.  It was fun to check out the visitor center, though, and to take Dad on the hike we’d done before.  I didn’t realize how much Kumeyaay info is in the visitor center.  I am planning a unit soon on the local native cultures so that will likely be a hike we take again in a couple of months.

This is not what the entire walk looks like, these photos were all taken at my favorite spot where the oaks congregate around a small stream. As much as I love the area of the world I live in, I do long for more foresty areas like this. Just knowing such a place exists within San Diego makes me feel peaceful in my heart.

Here are the kids in a Kumeyaay ‘ewaa. There is another at the visitor center, but its nice to see this one in a less modern-looking area.

And, of course, the requisite shots of Margie posing with an animal statue.

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