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It’s been two weeks now but this but this is the first moment I’ve had to blog it. May was INSANE. Anyway, he had a lovely birthday. For breakfast he had pancakes and bacon (which he was very excited about because he could make them look like a tie fighter – Margie made hers into Pacman). We opened presents (he got Legos, t-shirts, a soccer ball and bikes from my bff and her husband) and spent the day quietly enjoying life. We rode the bikes at the park, played a little soccer. After dinner we had fruit salad instead of cake. It was lovely.

for breakfast the kids ate nerd food

bike rider


Happy Thing: My Son

blowing out the candles

For his birthday, Grandpa gave Elliott the chance to go to Legoland! So the following day (because Mondays during the school year they offer FANTASTIC homeschool rates) we spent the day there. I didn’t take the big camera, just my phone.

bad driver

While there he was able to pick out three different Lego sets (also courtesy of Grandpa). It was a fantastic birthday all the way through!


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This year Margie’s birthday fell on Easter which made it difficult to invite friends over since most of them celebrate the holiday. (We typically don’t, although we do celebrate Ostara on the Vernal Equinox and they are pretty much the same, minus the bits about Jesus.) So we decided to go camping. Well, we tried anyway. see?

the monster emerges

Elliott found this Jerusalem Cricket under a rock.

jerusalem cricket

And I saw this gorgeous Bluebird of Happiness flitting around.

Happy Thing: The Bluebird of Happiness

But, it was cold. And I mean DAMN COLD. It wasn’t even 9pm yet and we were bundled in several layers of clothes, sleeping bags and blankets; our fingers and toes aching from the cold; watching our breath while INSIDE the tent. According to my phone (which I was having trouble using due to the cold – true story) it was 51 degrees and would drop to 42 but the strong, icy wind made it feel much lower than that. If it had been just me, I’d probably have stayed, but I was afraid the kids, who sleep deeper than adults, would kick off their blankets in the night and end up freezing their fingers or toes. And that would make for a really terrible birthday. We just don’t have the gear for those temperatures and I didn’t expect them so late in April in San Diego (then again, we have had a colder than usual winter). So we came home that night.

In the morning we had our planned breakfast of bacon and bagels and then we opened presents around the kitchen table.




Then we went to Balboa Park, where we got to ride the carousel to music from Star Wars.



playing with her DSi in the park

lilies and a reflection of the botannical building

birthday girl

In the afternoon, the neighbors invited the kids to hunt for eggs so Margie took her loot and decorated her own cake.


And then she and her friends sat around playing with their Nintendo DSi’s. A good birthday. ♥

three girls and three DSi's

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Un-Birthday Party

Back in April when the kids had chicken pox, it occurred to me that many of their friends might be sick just in time for Margie’s birthday. So we had decided to go to Disneyland and some museums instead. But we had to promise her an un-birthday party in the summer so she’d still get to celebrate with her friends. We made good on that promise recently.

She loves The Sound of Music so we themed the party after the movie. A kitty pinata (whiskers on kittens, you know) filled with musical toys, bells, tiny white flowers and candy. We tied up paper lunch sacks in string to look like packages; when the kids unwrapped them, they were able to gather the pinata treats in them. Margie even wore her white dress, although I completely forgot where I put the blue satin sashes I bought for it. The party was 100% gluten and dairy free which made her feel particularly special.

She had a blast. Friends, treats, pinata hitting, gifts – a perfect day for her!

whiskers on kittens tripod cat guards the loot

brown paper packages, tied up with string



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Elliott turned five on Sunday. At 6:04am he sat up, gave a little bounce and announced, “It’s my birthday! Today I’m five!” And so the day began. Out to the living room and a pile of presents followed by several hours of playing with said presents. An afternoon party in the park with a pinata and lots of zealous friends. Dinner out at Red Robin where they sang him happy birthday, just as he wished. He had a lovely birthday and is very happy to be five. So am I since he promised me that as soon as he turned five, he’d put on his own socks.

gifts and thinking chair




hoarde surrounding the presents

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On Saturday, we celebrated my girlie’s eighth birthday – at Disneyland! The Happiest Place on Earth is easily the best place for a birthday – everyone shares good wishes with you, they go above and beyond to make sure your food is gluten free, and we even got a special ride in a very special train car, the Lilly Belle, in honor of her birthday. For her “cake” we got some Dole Whip at the Tiki Room, both dairy and gluten free, and SO GOOD. We ended up spending way too much time there and didn’t get back to our motel room until 10pm. But it was a beautiful day and I do think she enjoyed herself.

birthday button

going down


aboard the lilly belle car on the disneyland railroad

birthday "cake"

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the planets orbit the sun

After ripping into his presents first thing in the morning (which, of course, he loved them all) we headed out to Camp Fire where we learned about space. The kids all represented a planet and they got to orbit (run around) the sun (Claire) while Mercury (baby Akiva) clung to her leg. We shared the cookies we’d made the day before and the Mommies talked about how to make the best cookies (which was a science lesson in itself). As we left the Larsens shared a special present with Elliott – a bike!


We spent an hour or so at Chuck E Cheese during the afternoon. E has been talking about a trip there for his birthday for MONTHS.


little skee

in the tunnels

In the evening we had a small family party for him with popcorn, strawberries, and, of course, cake. He did not, however, want any cake. He wanted a banana.

cake and candle

blowing the candles

birthday banana

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Margie’s Birthday

(Thursday we wore ourselves out with errands and so did nothing else the rest of the day.)

Friday was Margie’s seventh birthday. We had planned a party, but had to cancel it due to our illnesses. Instead we re-planned the day to be as low-key as possible while still being amazing for her. We took the kids to see Monsters Vs. Aliens which was very funny and not too intense for Elliott, then we had lunch at the mall topped with a trip to let her choose some candy. Back at home Elliott and I took a two-hour nap while Margie and Alex (the half of the family feeling OK) went to the store with Grandma to buy flower seeds. That evening we met Melissa and Chad for Dinner at Oscar’s, finished off with Chocolate cake from Trader Joe’s.





Margie declared it “the best birthday EVER” so I think we re-planned very well.

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