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Geo blocks.

I’ve not been keeping up the blogging here as much as I should. I’ve been taking tons of photos, but to sit down with all the paperwork and write down the things we’re doing formally is a chore and I’ve been procrastinating it. So let me inundate you with ALL THE PHOTOS for now. Later I’ll collect the other info and record it in another post.

Margie did a science with the lenses from the 3D glasses. And then she took the frames and wore them. Good thing I accidentally brought them home.

I went to see Jurassic Park in 3D a week or so ago and I accidentally wore the glasses home (on top of my head like I so often wear my sunglasses). This turned out to be a happy mistake since Margie likes the glasses for dressing up and she showed me a thing they did in science class with polarized lenses like these. You can’t see in that picture up there, but as you turn the lenses from side to side, they change tint.


The place the kids take science classes recently hosted an educational event with Sea World. I know. Sea World. Margie was surprised I was interested in going since we’d sort of made the decision to not visit Sea World again. But here was my reasoning: We would not be visiting the park itself. They were coming to the school and bringing some animal ambassadors along. I have much less of a problem with smaller animals than I do with them keeping whale-sized animals in relatively small tanks. We put no money into this. I mean, we paid our tuition at the school and I’m sure that money went partly towards this trip, but no extra money of our own. Whether we showed up or not would be completely irrelevant to Sea World. So we went. And it was fantastic. I may have certain issues with the park – and those issues may prevent me from visiting it again – but I do realize they do some good work in the world, too. And I’m glad my kids got to see that side of them as well. They talked about animals they rescue and nurse back to health and even showed a video about JJ the baby gray whale they saved back in 1997. They brought a balloon which they used to show how big she was when she was released:

how big jj the baby gray whale was when they released her back into the ocean

And then they brought out animals. A parrot, an alligator, and A PENGUIN.

and then the macaw flew across the room and my camera took a shitty picture of it

garfunkel the alligator

Here are some pictures of Margie swimming.




And then we visited a new (to us) place. The Tijuana Estuary is where the Tijuana River flows into the ocean, right on the border. We learned about some local plants, and saw some little critters.

Tour at the estuary.

Cholla cactus:

Cholla flower.

Honeybee on Black Sage:

Honeybee on black sage.


I brightened this photo of an agave plant to show you how rainbowy its edges are.

Adjusted the colors of this agave plant in #snapseed to show the rainbowy edges better. It was really, really pretty.


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Mission Trails today. #latergram


teensy snail





And then we went back in time.

caterpillar dude

The marine layer is slowly moving out.



a shellful of hermit crabs

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