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Weekly Summary 1.25

Counting beads.

Interesting things we found online this week include this gif of how a key works and this video of an egg inside another egg.

Elliott had OT this week and when that happens Margie and I go hang around at a Starbucks for awhile until it’s time to pick him up. This week she took math.

Homeschooling on the go.

Other stuff learned this week:

Elliott worked on adverbs, plural nouns, past-tense verbs, articles and more in grammar and he worked on long e words in spelling. He finished his math book (the last unit was money, and then reviews which included addition and subtraction double digits, greater than/less than, and more). He has been working in his geography book and moved from South America to Europe.

Margie has covered the War of 1812 in history. She does a daily language review each day and those usually include things like proofreading, homonyms, synonyms and antonyms, word groups, how to use reference sources and more. She has been doing very well in math, studying addition of three- and four-digit numbers, geometry (line segments, triangles and angles), multiplication, fractions, rounding and word problems.

In science both kids have been working on building catapults and trebuchets in engineering, making videos in computer class, chemical reactions (usually involving baking soda) in chemistry, and in natural sciences they’ve been doing scratch tests on rocks, learning fish anatomy. Below you can see Margie’s trebuchet and then Elliott’s catapult.

Margie's trebuchet

Elliott's catapult


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A Trip to Sea World

O HAI. You know how it is when it’s December and you fall behind in everything and then you don’t update your blog until the end of January? Yeah. That.

So last week we went to Sea World for what might be the last time. Sea World is an expensive day, but they offer educational days for homeschoolers (and school-schoolers) where we can get in for only $6 a ticket. So I demanded that my friend Yara schedule us a trip and she complied and it was all set up. Shortly after we committed to it, I saw this story (FYI: there are graphic images in that story). I’ve long had some issues with Sea World that I’ve been able to ignore, but I don’t know if I can ignore them anymore. Not just because the orca was injured, but because Sea World’s story doesn’t seem to add up, and even if it were true, it’s sure not any better than PETA’s guess.

All that aside, we had a good day. We spent the day with people we don’t always get to see and we got to meet some new friends.

penguin encounter

and then a sea lion came out to see all the people in the people zoo

tunnel of sharks

orca butt


checking out the rays

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