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decorated castle

We wanted to make sure to hit Disneyland during the holiday season. It was also our first time back there since we’ve been playing Epic Mickey so we were, like, actually interested in visiting ToonTown for once. We weren’t able to go with any friends this time, but that’s probably for the best since we were extremely nerdy and making jokes about thinning out the man hole covers on Main Street to get E-Tickets, and about jumping across the rides, and obsessively pointing out every Oswald thing we saw. It was shameful. Except that we were not ashamed.

this is big

In other news, we hit the yearly Balboa Park holiday celebration. We visited the science center, completed the scavenger hunt at the Lego City in the Model Railroad museum, viewed the Nativity, and checked out the Gem and Mineral Society.



During the rest of the week:

Margie did more sentence correcting in grammar, more multiplication in math, and learned about westward expansion in North America before and during the Revolutionary War.

Elliott worked on alphabetizing lists of spelling words, learned about South America in his geography book, and worked on adding two-digit numbers in math.

In science both kids continued working on their trebuchets and catapults in engineering, their house plans in computer science, learning about objects under the microscope in natural science, and this week in chemistry they learned about the reaction between vinegar and baking soda.


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