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frodo's gonna be pissed

So we got anther cat. There is a story here, but I’m not going to go into it. Part of it is that, as it turns out, PetFinder.com is highly dangerous. So Leia came to live with us.

And then, a mere two days after we accidentally came home from the shelter with a cat, we found ourselves at another shelter for a field trip. This time we made it back home without any more bodies than we’d left with. Partly because I’m learning self-control, and partly because the shelter’s adoption area was closed.

bird on her feet

But the kids got to meet a bird, a bunny, a dog (Elliott opted to stay far away from said dog), and a snake. And a legless horse statue for some reason.

I don't even...

That evening Elliott had a karate class. There are things I like about this class and things I’m less comfortable with, but what impresses me is how much Elliott has improved in the class even though it’s got a lot of kids so that he doesn’t get a lot of one-on-one. Here he is demonstrating an upper block, and then doing the kata with the class.

showing sensei an upper block

i love the look on e's face here

The rest of the week:

Margie has been studying slavery in the colonies in history, multiplication in math, and punctuation and homonyms in grammar.

Elliott has also been studying homonyms as well as synonyms and antonyms, and he’s been working on addition and subtraction of numbers up to 100 in math.

In science this week the kids looked at slides of pine needles and some other items under a microscope, they’ve been making trebuchets and catapults in engineering, they’ve been working on designing house plans in computers, and looked at the chemical reactions of iodine on foods.


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