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In science the kids both did this project, turning a perfectly innocent bar of Ivory soap into a mess of fun. (They did not turn the foam into homemade bars of soap, though.) Elliott’s class actually compared different kinds of soaps, but apparently that upset the smoke alarms and caused a brief evacuation (education!), so by the time Margie did that project on the following day, her class compared soaps mixed with flour or salt or other things. In Natural Science they studied soil and sifted through it to find leaves or worms or bugs. In computer science they used a computer program to make papercraft models of UFO’s. In engineering Elliott built a rocket launcher (slingshot) out of K’Nex, and Margie made a hot air balloon.

Elliott worked on contractions and compound words in grammar, numbers to 100 and adding and subtracting by tens in math, and continued reading about Pilgrims in history.

Margie worked on punctuation and correcting sentences in grammar, multiplication in math, and began reading about the French and Indian War in history.


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