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Still recovering from the Halloween sickies, and with a cold storm blowing in, we decided to skip our usual Friday park day and visit the Aquarium instead. Because it’s mostly indoors. And because we have a membership that we’ve only used once so far.

Elliott and jellyfish.

Margie and the kelp forest.

Elliott loves jellyfish, Margie loves the baby animals (she took the picture of the seahorse below), and the kelp forest is my favorite part.

Margie took this one.

In fact, Elliott chose a moon jellyfish as his character this time in Junior Theatre and will be performing as one in their show next week.

Moon jellies.

Leafy sea dragon.

We spent a little while outside at their exhibits about currents and water-power. But not long because I hear pneumonia is no fun at all. Elliott and I also checked out the shark tank where he used the chart to identify a few sharks before he got bored and ran off.

Margie found this conch that looks like an (upside down) map of Middle Earth.

Margie noticed that this conch looks like Tolkien painted it with a map of Middle Earth (and that the aquarium placed it ungraciously upside down). That’s both literary and scientific.


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