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My daughter has always been weird. (Photo from June 2008.)

And we have always talked about politics. Elliott doesn’t tune in for most of it, but Margie has long been aware of the bigger issues and we discuss them. This year we kept tuned into the news for nearly the whole day, and defnitely from about 4pm on. Elliott had opinions as to who should win. For instance, he thought that Carl DeMaio is more handsome than Bob Filner so he’d rather have DeMaio as mayor of San Diego. I have hopes that as he grows up, he will pay closer attention to the actual issues. He will, right?

Margie and I looked at this infographic about the electoral college while we watched the results on NBC. I kind of sort of understand it now. Ish. Margie seemed to grasp it really well.

This election was also historic for women. Here’s a link to six important moments for women, and here’s a link to another two.

In other social studies news, I spent way too long the other day reading this and Margie peeked over my shoulder for some of it. It’s not, technically, kid-friendly. But maybe appropriate for high schoolers. In any case, it was highly entertaining.


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Multiplication Help

Margie has been struggling with math largely because she doesn’t have her multiplication tables memorized. We’ve worked on it and worked on it, but it just hasn’t clicked for her. Last year in her math class she spent pretty much the whole ear working on drills, I gave her a sheet with songs and tricks to help her memorize them over the summer. She hated doing them. It was beyond boring for her. I respect that. I told her over and over again that I understood, but that, really, her math life would be so much easier if she did this. I think she is finally at a point where she understands that. Or maybe her brain is finally ready to conquer this. I don’t really know. In any case here are the resources we are using to work on this.

Not necessarily in this order:
~A blank multiplication chart. She can fill it out herself and then use it as a resource.
~Learn the multiplication tables in 21 days. <–Has some good ideas and tricks.
~We are printing out drill worksheets for each set that she can use to practice skip counting on her fingers.

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