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Halloween Week

Monday happened just like all Mondays do. Lessons, lunch, break time, then science. But at bedtime Margie came down with a sore throat.

So we canceled our Tuesday activities (Junior Theatre and M’s swim team, although Elliott did have a Skype appointment with his speech therapist who was stuck in Washington DC until Hurricane Sandy was over) and took the whole day easy in the hopes that she’d be OK for Halloween.

So the holiday dawned and the kids forced me to the grocery store to buy pumpkins. I’d been so distracted at sewing a costume, I guess, that I forgot to plan other stuff. So we bought pumpkins and brought them home and carved them. Margie chose an adorable image of a cat and stars, Elliott had a harder time picking something. His requirements were that it be from something he loves, my requirements were that it be easy since I’d probably have to do all the work. We settled on a pictogram sign from Portal. Win-win.

Margie's pumpkin.

Elliott's pumpkin.

Margie was well enough to go trick-or-treating at least for a little while and she got a second wind when we ran into our friends and joined them for a little while. Both kids filled their buckets and came home.

Trick or treat!

I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned it here, but the kids are currently on a restrictive diet to try to heal them from a lot of food sensitivities. So pretty much all commercial Halloween candy was off the table. Instead I bought some candy from my friend Mariah who makes allergy-free goodies. Her stuff is delicious and she was able and willing to work with me on what ingredients were OK for my kids. Awesome.

Anyway, we took the rest of the week pretty easy. We watched Avatar, and introduced Elliott to the first Harry Potter movie. We talked a lot about Hurricane Sandy and the effects left behind after the storm. How entire beaches were changed, how New York hadn’t been hit so hard, like, ever. We compared it to some other storms and talked about how storms are named and how those of us who share storm names (there have been Hurricane Bonnies before) handle it. Heh. We also talked about the election, of course.


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