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Weekly Summary 10.3

Monday, school
The kids are still learning about Spain in Unit Studies and today they made castanets out of polymer clay.  They also made bulls. They also did some work with a map and flag of Spain.

In math Margie worked on a computer program using multiplication (she really liked this) and made a “house of twelves” (more multiplication). Elliott did a color-by-number page, counted by ones and tens and hundreds.

In dance both kids are still learning dances to Spanish music and learning about flamenco.

In the afternoon Margie and I finished reading Goblet of Fire and we watched the movie after Elliott had fallen asleep.

Today we began lessons formally at home.  I showed the kids the new school shelf and where their books are stored.  We went over the books they will be using this year, and talked about the sort of lessons they will need to do (I need to make checklists, I think, to help us remember everything).  I gave Margie some responsibilities about planning the next week’s lessons and taking care of filing away the work both kids do.  Because I need help and she needs responsibilities.  Heh.

In the afternoon Elliott watched Mythbusters and Margie played on Club Penguin (typing and spelling).

Elliott did his daily math and grammar as well as the first lesson (on senses) in his science book. Margie worked on science as well (the introduction in her book) and went through both science books to make me a list of what they’ll need next week.

We met our teacher at the library for our monthly meeting and while there we each checked out a book. Elliott chose an alphabet book (b/c those are his favorite books), Margie chose (on my recommendation) Starring Sally J Freedman as Herself. And then Margie read the entire book in one sitting. And then started it again. So I guess she likes it.

Elliott spent a fair amount of time pouring over my Doctor Who book in the afternoon. He also played Wii Party (puzzles and games).

Elliott did daily math and grammar and a lesson in his geography map activity book. And then he made his own map, so I guess he enjoyed that. I should add that in general he spends hours every day building things out of Legos. He’s got quite a knack for it.

Margie did her week’s worth of math today. Finished up a review and started a chapter on geometry.

Elliott did his math and grammar.

Margie took some placement tests for grammar so I can know what book to put her in.

We spent the afternoon at knitting group where Margie and some girls put on a show for the parents and Elliott played Legos and Star Wars with the boys. Margie & the girls also spent some time playing Star Wars.


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