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2011 sucks. It’s been difficult from the start and this summer it got worse. I’d planned to spend the summer setting us up on a new schedule for the school year, instead I spent the summer not sleeping, trying to remember to eat and cleaning out my mom’s house and taking care of her affairs.

So the school year has begun and we aren’t doing anything here at home but unschooling at this point. Which is fine for us as that’s part of life isn’t it? Sometimes you can only do the bare minimum, sometimes you can move smoothly ahead. Life weaves in and out and up and down and just the act of unschooling right now is a lesson in itself. However, being part of a charter complicates that a little as we need to provide records of what we are doing. And while we are probably doing all subjects naturally, it helps to be more organized about it. So here’s a summary of the first few weeks. The kids are taking PE and have already finished the first session (soccer), they are also taking classes at the charter’s local location (math, music and dance, unit studies). Soon Camp Fire will start again and we still attend knitting every Friday afternoon (which is more play than fiber arts for the kids).

Week One:
We took a trip to the Children’s Museum where the kids rode the chariots, bounced in the rainbow tunnel, made parachutes that they launched over the balcony, climbed ropes, and ran around in the park across the street. We had lunch at Seaport Village and then rode the carousel, checked out some art galleries, looked at the bookstore, and found a bird nest in a tree, watched over by a large bird we could not identify.

Then we had a blackout. We listened to the radio, learned about emergency kits, how to store food during a blackout, the local power stations and how they stopped working, and how very much electricity effects our lives.

Week Two:
First day of classes. The kids learned about Europe, some of the facts and figures about it, and made cave paintings. In math they played games and learned riddles. They started learning a dance in music & dance.

Our personal lives have been filled with rocks as I inherited some from my grandpa. So we learned about different types of rocks, how they are made and what they look like.

Week Three:
In classes Elliott learned number combos up to 10, Margie worked on place value. They started learning about Spain in unit studies and continued work on the dance.

We’re totally caught up on Doctor Who now and in the last few weeks we’ve watched and/or discussed episodes involving Hitler, Nixon and Churchill and were inspired to learn more about all of them. Margie has also done a lot of literary work on the show, learning symbolism and other elements of Story.


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